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The Road Warrioress

Achieving dizzying new heights
@neocapt_art created
“The Road Warrioress”
for our #188 round of Monkey Side Bars.


b draw

Neo also created a video to go with this piece,
(If you click on the image above, as if by magic it will take you there).  It contains scenes from Neo’s
favorite movies that are full of punks and mayhem.




42 Punk Poster

Punk could refer to a youngster that lacks experience.  A punk is sometimes synonymous with a hoodlum, trouble maker, or rebel. Even Ashton Kutcher made a little pocket change ‘punking’ or tricking celebrities for MTV, on the show called Punk’d. The 1970’s gave us the punk fashion, or should we say anti-fashion that aligned with the street culture of the youth.  Punk rock followed with bands like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, and the Ramones.  These punks were anti-establishment, stylishly unisex, and pierced in all the wrong places.

If this doesn’t get your creativity flowing, you could always throw a little steam at it!  Steampunk combines science fiction and fantasy in all the right ways.  Industrialized steam powered aesthetics in an alternate reality.

If your a monkey of the Side Bars, we implore you to get ‘punked out’ for this week’s theme!