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imageExplore the depths of your imaginations with this week’s sea-animal theme.   Hold hands with the otters, slip-n-slide with the seals, and bark along side the sea lions.  We could even ride blue whales or surf with dolphins.  Turtle around with the sea horses or just get your toes wet with the pink-tastic flamingos. The sea can also be quiet luminous and daunting.  Feel free to delve into the oceanic dark side as well.  Creepy sea-animals are the best!

We recommend all monkeys go to the beach for hands on inspiration…  We can also give you a note, but it is guaranteed to not hold up with any employers or court of law.



14 Souvenir Poster

My cat once left me the loveliest of souvenirs.  I know she sat quietly, stalking her prey for hours until everything aligned.  She made her move in a flurry of highly lethal and perfectly executed feline martial arts.  She savored her victory, but realized she needed to keep, or at least share some momento, some souvenir. Which leads me to the most grotesque of surprises to be awoken to as my alarm sounded off.  Her souvenir laid ever so still, atop the pillow that lied next to mine.  I flew out of bed, pretty sure insulting the cat, and peeked back at the object of her affection.  It’s beautiful big eyes no longer blinked and it’s massive ears looked a lot like Mickey.  Only Mickey didn’t have a body.  Wounded by my lack of excitement, she picked up her souvenir and bounded off to cherish Mickey elsewhere.

Hopefully your souvenirs do not involve severed heads, but wonderful reminders of people, places, and things you’ve experienced.  They conjure memories allowing us a brief escape into a different time.  Souvenirs could really be anything from a round stone, to a super-bowl ticket, to a letter your child wrote to you when they were only 6 years old and you still hung the moon.

Show us your souvenirs.  Let us know why your souvenir is sentimental to you, Wednesday, February 11th!


10 Chiaroscuro Poster


Pronunciation please…

English – kiˌɑːrəˈskjʊəroʊ

Italian – kjarosˈkuːro

Chiaroscuro is the contrast between light and dark shades and the dramatic effect it displays.  The light source may make only parts of the subject visible making these images even more alluring and intriguing.  This exchange of shade value sparks the imagination and can create a plethora of emotions.

As you search for ideas take pause at some of the chiaroscuro creations.  After you analyze the interplay between the degrees of lightness and darkness, think about the overall mood.   What kind of mood do you want to invoke?  I absolutely love playing in this exchange of shadows and I’m truly looking forward to seeing all of your monkey creations!





Disney or the Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923 by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney and began as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio.  The company continued to expand becoming a true leader in the American animation industry.   They diversified into film production, theater, television, radio, gaming, music, and the ever popular and hot ticket childhood destination, the theme parks.

You have an array of Disney classics to choose from for this week’s round, not to mention all of the theme park attractions.  Which Disney film captured your imagination?  Can’t choose just one… perfect opportunity for a Disney mash-up!  Feel free to give your Disney a twist if you must, maybe some Disney characters all grown up.

I only have one request for the Disney big wigs…  More monkeys please!  Imagine, Lady and the Orangatang, Sleeping Chimp, or Snow White and the Seven Apes…  None the less, Disney is the word, create yours for Wednesday, December 17th!



Did anyone else immediately think firefighter?  Well, that is where my mind went, all those images of men with those heavy, sooted pants and suspenders over bare chests yielding axes and water hoses…   I know there are  firewomen too, my mind, just didn’t go there.

There are loads of fighting and fighter references out there.  Any favorite boxers come to mind?  How about all those box office sensations?  Fight club has always been one of my favorites.  We also have all of the Rocky movies, Cinderella Man, The Fighter, and anything with Jackie Chan or Jean-Claude Van Damme, just to name a few.

Fighter may also represent someone’s inner spirit and their perseverance.  The fighter in this scenario battles illness and disease.  Those enemies are not as visible but just as vicious.

So lets all put up a good fight, as we fight our way through the Sidebars to post for fighter, Sunday, November 30th!


In just a few days
monkey members will be posting their
drawings to Instagram at their regular
posting time
(or after)

What is MACRO DETAIL? Well its big, really big, so big, like my new sieve I got the other day.  My new extra large sieve for making extra large cakes is really special to me.  It’s MASSIVE.

David will tell you right here just what
MACRO DETAIL is all about if you haven’t
already checked it out: https://msbweb.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/macro-detail


100th round draft 1What began just 1 year ago as a side game amongst a few artists has exploded into a bi-weekly international art fair – and a large community of the most creative, supportive, talented, friendly artists on the planet!

To celebrate our 100th round, we are hosting a fun competition – we’ve chosen one word to inspire you to create/draw – and to post for BOTH round #100 (July 23) AND round #101 (July 27) In recognition of the very thing that brings us all together, Monkey Sidebars has chosen the word… ART.

The word challenge for round #100 & #101 – ART – is hardly a challenge. Instead, it errs on the side of opportunity. Open yourself and create anything you desire, whatever you envision, whatever you feel. The one thing that makes any and every work of art dynamic is when the artist pours their soul into it!


Last minute judges for this competition: “We are extremely grateful to Mary Hendrickson and Amy Bekier who were able to stand in and judge this competition for us.​”


Three stand-out submissions will receive one of three great prizes:
A Monkey Kit from our sponsor friends at Octa
An innovative flexible tablet stand that defies gravity:
includes monkey tail and vacuum dock:

monkeytail                Octa Logo

A Prize Pack from our sponsor friends at Caseen
(one in black – one in red) – prize pack includes: metallic plush neoprene sleeve for tablet, metallic anti-shock bubble neoprene sleeve for laptop, Vibe EX-L mesh tip stylus, 32-pack of lint-free anti-static screen cleaning wipes. http://caseen.com
Caseen Logo caseen case
In addition, 10 participating artists will be randomly chosen to win
a free download from our sponsor friends at ArtRage.
1 winner: ArtRage 4 (Mac & Windows – Desktop only)
4 winners: ArtRage for iPad: http://www.artrage.com/artrage-ipad
6 winners: ArtRage for iPhone: http://www.artrage.com/artrage-iphone
An intuitive and easy-to-use digital art platform
The winning artworks will also appear along with an article on our website at:
@msbgallery and on Monkey Sidebars’ Facebook page,

all showcased among everyone’s Monkey Sidebars ART drawings.


Post draw(s) at your usual posting time on:
Wednesday July 23, 2014 - [2 draw submission limit]
Sunday July 27, 2014    - [2 draw submission limit]
A total of 4 draws only (or less),
per person created for this contest will be entered.
No further submissions will be accepted for this competition after July 29, 2014.
No previously posted draws will be entered.
Please tag #monkeysidebars on your submission post
in Instagram, to state that your artwork is for
this competition.
Good luck to all monkey members participating in this contest.

[Admins can enter but cannot win]

100th round details 100th round judge
100th round 3 grand prizes copy 100th round ArtRage prizes new



Freedom, freedom to proclaim ones political beliefs and bathroom tendencies all to the beat of a Britney Spears re-make while dressed in a fabulous ape up-do at the local farmer’s market…  Totally ridiculous, but we are free to, and regularly do, make total asses of ourselves.

Freedom gives us a voice, allows us to make our own personal choices, and to act on those choices without restraint.

Freedom is a right that many of us take for granted.  We enjoy are freedoms because so many before us endured great sorrows and hardship.  What feelings does the word freedom invoke in you?

I’m going to celebrate, because I am free to do so.  What will be your freedom, Wednesday, July 2nd?



The Edwardian era or period takes place in the United Kingdom with King Edward VII.  His mother, Queen Victoria passed in 1901, ending the Victorian era.
King Edward VII embraced his countrymen and traveled extensively.  He was heavily influenced by the arts and the fashion trends of Continental Europe.   The era has been characterized as a time of peace and plenty.
Art Nouveau influenced everything from fine art, to architecture, to textiles and clothing.  It was considered a new style for a new age.   Enjoy looking back into this cross-section of history as you explore popular iconography to represent your idea of Edwardian.



The African buffalo inhabits most of Africa from the plains to the mountains.  They are responsible for countless attacks and deaths ranked just below the hippo and crocodile.
We also have the Water Buffalo, that originated in Asia.
This buffalo has been domesticated and is used in farming.
However, the wild Asian water buffalo are now considered
endangered species.
Many folks, including me, thought we had buffalo roaming yesterday’s Great Plains in the States.  Our buffalo is actually called a Bison and related to the others and are all in the cow family.
In parts of Alaska, and I’m sure other places too,
they breed the Bison with cattle.
This concoction is called a Beefalo.
Buffalo, of course, could represent so many other spectacular things.
How about Buffalo, New York, the Buffalo Bill’s football team, or the Buffalo Sabres if hockey is your thing.
Your search awaits you my monkeys.  Journey to the Great Plains, the Asian swamps, the African countryside , or hit the urban metropolis of New York for your larger than life Buffalo creations!