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46 Titillate Poster

I am absolutely titillated for this week’s theme Titillate!  You see my monkey friends, titillate is to excite, arouse, maybe even stimulate in that warm and fuzzy kinda way.  Allow titillate to tickle your fancy, tease and entice, or just intoxicate you with lovely imagery.

Lets all take a little titillation elixir and enjoy everything titillate has to offer.



imageExplore the depths of your imaginations with this week’s sea-animal theme.   Hold hands with the otters, slip-n-slide with the seals, and bark along side the sea lions.  We could even ride blue whales or surf with dolphins.  Turtle around with the sea horses or just get your toes wet with the pink-tastic flamingos. The sea can also be quiet luminous and daunting.  Feel free to delve into the oceanic dark side as well.  Creepy sea-animals are the best!

We recommend all monkeys go to the beach for hands on inspiration…  We can also give you a note, but it is guaranteed to not hold up with any employers or court of law.


43 Zodiac Poster

The Zodiac is an elaborate circular coordinate system which follows the positioning and path of the sun and moon.  The circle has twelve divisions that are called signs and today are most associated with horoscopic astrology.  Thus, each division has a sign, symbol, date, and characteristics.  What does your zodiac sign say about you?  Have fun creating and representing your zodiac symbol for this week’s zodiac theme!

Sagittarius (22 NOV-21 DEC)

When faced with choices this month push the limits, take a leap of faith. Then stand back and beat your chest, yeah, you deserve it monkey man/woman!  Practice proper ape noises in the privacy of your own bathroom, not at the office.

Capricorn (22 DEC-19 JAN)

Don’t shake the tree as they say in the jungle. Everything is working in perfect unison and the rhythm is absolutely enchanting. Stop holding your breath and enjoy the moment.

Aquarius (20 JAN-19 FEB)

Chores are done, projects wrapped up, apes away, and now time for the rest of us to play. Have fun learning a triple somersault dismount from the highest limb or re-arranging the fur-nature in the tree top canopy.  Find “Born to be Wild” soundtrack.

Pisces (20 FEB-20 MAR)

You may have doubted yourself and second guessed your actions in the past, but it’s time to turn over a new leaf.  I want you to look in the mirror and repeat after me “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it monkeys like me”.  DVR Saturday Night Live.

Aries (21 MAR-19 APR)

Monkey’s: be wary of spreading yourself too thin, stop and enjoy a banana or two.   Everything worth waiting for will be there as the dew welcomes in the new day.  Pick up banana daiquiri mix with those little paper umbrellas

Taurus (20 APRIL – 20 MAY)

Tarzan doesn’t have anything on you, except maybe upper body strength… You are raring to go so take advantage of the energy surge this month. Temptations loom behind every tree don’t get caught monkeying around.  Note to self: Stay away from trees.

Gemini (21 MAY-20 JUN)

Busy, busy, busy! So much to do, hammocks need mending, and those bananas are not going to peel themselves. Go on, off you go, out the door, second left, follow the road south, just past the fountain, you can’t miss it.

Cancer (21 JUN-22 JUL)

Now is not the time to procrastinate.  If you are pondering, when is a good time to procrastinate… you are procrastinating!  Get your little, fuzzy, chimp butt in gear and take advantage of the current cosmic support!  Shave fuzzy chimp butt.

Leo (23 JUL-22 AUG)

Please use caution conducting your monkey business this month, now is not the time to speculate.  A little monkey perfume/cologne may prove beneficial as chemistry ensues from a chance meeting. Note to self: Buy some monkey perfume/cologne.

Virgo (23 AUG-22 SEP)

Wow, is it just me or are you looking good this month! Monkey mood is at an all-time high! Time to secure the elusive mate you’ve had your eye on with your inner “macho, macho, man” or “I am women hear me roar”.  Carry compact mirror for constant pick-me-ups.

Libra (23 SEP-23 OCT)

Vegas Baby! You’re rolling snake eyes and betting on red! Now is not the time for reluctance or second guessing, that’s for those other primates. Locate gambling anonymous hotline.

Scorpio (24 OCT-21 NOV)

Your monkey mind combined with your monkey agility is a lethal force this month.  The two have never come together so nicely. “Who’s the awkward one now?” you find yourself asking.  Stop singing Kung-Fu Monkey.

Disclaimer: All Readings subject to change, in the event you found yourself ill-advised please remember to sling ink, not stink!


40 Hope Poster

Hope is a feeling, an attitude that things will improve, that all things are possible.  Hope is the best part of being optimistic and keeps many of us in this game we call life.  We contemplate outcomes and hope for the best.

So for this week’s theme you could go wild with everything you have once hoped for or maybe what you are hoping for now.  And for all those folks lucky enough to be named Hope, well maybe a self portrait is in store for you… Where ever your hope resides enjoy the creative process so that we may revel in your hope.



38 Spot color Poster

Spot-color is a term commonly used in offset printing.  It represents a blast of color used in a single run.  Spot-color draws your attention to a particular spot in the picture.  That being said, you now have the power to dictate where the viewer’s eyes will be directed.

For this week’s theme we are asked to produce images in black and white, images that are then enhanced with a touch of color. For instance, a black and white portrait with vibrant blue eyes or red lips.  Remember, spot-color is a powerful tool and should be used wisely.  Think about why and where you would like our focus to be…

I cannot wait to see all the Side Bar creations this week.  Have an absolute blast applying your own touch of spot-color!



37 Pinup PosterThe Side Bars will be dispersing thumb tacks, push pins, and scotch tape for this week’s Pin-Up theme!  Enjoy perusing through loads of glamorous photos and posters.  These pin-ups are not only sexually exciting but normally have an alluring cutesy quality as well.  They are not only models, but actresses and performers too.  According to the great folks at Wikipedia, Burlesque dancers often used their pin-up to promote themselves on business cards.

Don’t worry ladies, as the year’s progressed our studly male counterparts came into the picture, or shall we say pin-up.  However, the demand was just not the same…

A pin-up can also be any piece of artwork that is simply pinned up for display.  This is typically from comic books or fan magazines, they are easily detached and ready to aesthetically enhance any teenage wall.

Surround yourself in pin-ups for this week’s Pin-Up theme!



Balloons are sure to delight even the most cynical of party poopers.  These stretchy, colorful bags can be inflated with good ole’ fashion air or pumped up with helium for all sorts of celebrations.  You can even purchase bio-degradable balloons to safely release into the environment.  Watch them drift upward until they are but a speck and vanish into the abyss.  If its hot, there is nothing like a cooler filled with water balloons.  Lock in on your target and unleash the good times!

Of course, there are other kinds of balloons.  Like the ones we use in meteorology, military purposes, or the ones that actually save lives in medical procedures.  Personally, I like the hot air balloons. A couple year’s ago we went to a hot air balloon festival. Hundreds of ginormous hot air balloons took part filling the blue sky and leaving the spectators in awe.

Enjoy creating balloons for this week’s theme!



35 Shaka Poster

Most of us have used Shaka as a hand gesture known as “hang loose” associated with Hawaii and surf culture.  One must extend the thumb and pinkie finger while holding the three middle fingers curled like you were making a fist, now rotate your hand back and forth.

Hawaiians use the shaka gesture to convey their “Aloha Spirit”.  Moni, our lovely Hawaiian monkey has shared shaka with us and explains that this basic gesture is quick, easy, and also sincere.  “I have countless photos of family flashing the shaka sign.  So, it’s kind of more than the sign.  It’s peace, love, aloha, how are you, I get you, I see you… a simple but true show of affection.” ~ Moni

Let us embody the shaka spirit in our creations for this week’s theme.  Aloha monkeys!



34 Knurly Poster

A knurl is a knot or knob, and can be portrayed in the literal and abstract sense beautifully. This growth ranges in size and can add tremendous character to objects and people alike. Who doesn’t like a little character?

I absolutely adore those trees that are twisted and knurled, having withstood countless lashings from mother nature.  Knurly wood fashions with their signature burls are now quiet popular furniture pieces and home decor.

When I think of knurly, I also think of my father’s hands.  He has always been a man’s man, hardworking and ornery.  Those hands are not only knurled, but callased, cracked, and liver spotted. If his hands could talk they would tell outlandish stories of adventures and horrible mistreatment.

Explore knurls, relish in their beautiful imperfections for this week’s theme!


33 Expression Poster

Expression, a lovely conveyor of emotion.  Strong emotions are easily read through grief stricken or elated expressions.  A snarling dog or a sleepy monkey are also universally clear expressions.  Some expressions are little harder to read, but just as crucial as we navigate our own Side Bars.

Imagine a world without expression…  We base so much of our interactions on expressions.  They are social cues that help guide us through life.  They test the water, so to speak, giving our brains a chance to decide how we are going to engage with the person or animal in our midst.

Many of us engage in Line Chat, Face Book, texting, maybe even sexting, and loads of other means of communication that are not face to face.  How many times have you wrote something that you intended to be funny, then questioned whether it would be received as funny, then choose the goofy, smiley icon or sticker to ensure your message would be delivered properly?  For me, this is a constant, because I am rarely serious and I depend on the expression of those icons!

So many expressions, what will you choose to convey for our Monkey Game?