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Monkey Side Bars



We have had a blast monkeying around supporting and enriching one another in this crazy drawing game.  However, the time has come for the Side Bars to take a break.  We would like to thank each and every monkey that participated in our creative antics.  Please e-mail us at monkeysidebars@gmail.com with any questions or queries.  Feel free to tag #monkeysidebars with your posting masterpieces.  Good luck to you all and we shall see you around the jungle!



44 Doddle Poster

To become a monkey at the Side Bars is a total doddle.  It’s like eating cake without the guilt and calories.  Doddle represents anything that is simple or easy to achieve for most of us primates. We refer to these events as child’s play, a walk in the park, or a picnic.  How about the lovely slang doddle… pushover, walkover, and cakewalk.  A doddle can be over in a snap, light as a breeze, creates no sweat, and a cinch to do in a pinch.

Now the hard part, what shall we create for doddle.  How many delightful little things will be doddle for you?  We want to see all your easy undertakings, or maybe even a feat that would in no way be a doddle, like getting me on a ladder.  Doodle your doddle my monkeys and we will see you in the Side Bars!




42 Punk Poster

Punk could refer to a youngster that lacks experience.  A punk is sometimes synonymous with a hoodlum, trouble maker, or rebel. Even Ashton Kutcher made a little pocket change ‘punking’ or tricking celebrities for MTV, on the show called Punk’d. The 1970’s gave us the punk fashion, or should we say anti-fashion that aligned with the street culture of the youth.  Punk rock followed with bands like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, and the Ramones.  These punks were anti-establishment, stylishly unisex, and pierced in all the wrong places.

If this doesn’t get your creativity flowing, you could always throw a little steam at it!  Steampunk combines science fiction and fantasy in all the right ways.  Industrialized steam powered aesthetics in an alternate reality.

If your a monkey of the Side Bars, we implore you to get ‘punked out’ for this week’s theme!



41 Avalon Poster


Avalon, a legendary island with many pseudo-historical accounts and featured in the Arthurian legend. King Author’s sword Excalibur, was said to be forged here and he himself recovered from his battle wounds on this mystical island. And according to our friends at Wikipedia, Isidore’s description reads:

“The name of the Isles of the Fortunate signifies that they bear all good things, as if happy and blessed in the abundance of their fruits. Serviceable by nature, they bring forth fruits of valuable forests (Sua enim aptae natura pretiosarum poma silvarum parturiunt); their hilltops are clothed with vines growing by chance; in place of grasses, there is commonly vegetable and grain. Pagan error and the songs of the secular poets have held that these islands to be Paradise because of the fecundity of the soil. Situated in the Ocean to the left of Mauretania, very near the west, they are separated by the sea flowing between them.”

May your escape to Avalon be as enchanting as you!


38 Spot color Poster

Spot-color is a term commonly used in offset printing.  It represents a blast of color used in a single run.  Spot-color draws your attention to a particular spot in the picture.  That being said, you now have the power to dictate where the viewer’s eyes will be directed.

For this week’s theme we are asked to produce images in black and white, images that are then enhanced with a touch of color. For instance, a black and white portrait with vibrant blue eyes or red lips.  Remember, spot-color is a powerful tool and should be used wisely.  Think about why and where you would like our focus to be…

I cannot wait to see all the Side Bar creations this week.  Have an absolute blast applying your own touch of spot-color!



37 Pinup PosterThe Side Bars will be dispersing thumb tacks, push pins, and scotch tape for this week’s Pin-Up theme!  Enjoy perusing through loads of glamorous photos and posters.  These pin-ups are not only sexually exciting but normally have an alluring cutesy quality as well.  They are not only models, but actresses and performers too.  According to the great folks at Wikipedia, Burlesque dancers often used their pin-up to promote themselves on business cards.

Don’t worry ladies, as the year’s progressed our studly male counterparts came into the picture, or shall we say pin-up.  However, the demand was just not the same…

A pin-up can also be any piece of artwork that is simply pinned up for display.  This is typically from comic books or fan magazines, they are easily detached and ready to aesthetically enhance any teenage wall.

Surround yourself in pin-ups for this week’s Pin-Up theme!



Balloons are sure to delight even the most cynical of party poopers.  These stretchy, colorful bags can be inflated with good ole’ fashion air or pumped up with helium for all sorts of celebrations.  You can even purchase bio-degradable balloons to safely release into the environment.  Watch them drift upward until they are but a speck and vanish into the abyss.  If its hot, there is nothing like a cooler filled with water balloons.  Lock in on your target and unleash the good times!

Of course, there are other kinds of balloons.  Like the ones we use in meteorology, military purposes, or the ones that actually save lives in medical procedures.  Personally, I like the hot air balloons. A couple year’s ago we went to a hot air balloon festival. Hundreds of ginormous hot air balloons took part filling the blue sky and leaving the spectators in awe.

Enjoy creating balloons for this week’s theme!



35 Shaka Poster

Most of us have used Shaka as a hand gesture known as “hang loose” associated with Hawaii and surf culture.  One must extend the thumb and pinkie finger while holding the three middle fingers curled like you were making a fist, now rotate your hand back and forth.

Hawaiians use the shaka gesture to convey their “Aloha Spirit”.  Moni, our lovely Hawaiian monkey has shared shaka with us and explains that this basic gesture is quick, easy, and also sincere.  “I have countless photos of family flashing the shaka sign.  So, it’s kind of more than the sign.  It’s peace, love, aloha, how are you, I get you, I see you… a simple but true show of affection.” ~ Moni

Let us embody the shaka spirit in our creations for this week’s theme.  Aloha monkeys!



33 Expression Poster

Expression, a lovely conveyor of emotion.  Strong emotions are easily read through grief stricken or elated expressions.  A snarling dog or a sleepy monkey are also universally clear expressions.  Some expressions are little harder to read, but just as crucial as we navigate our own Side Bars.

Imagine a world without expression…  We base so much of our interactions on expressions.  They are social cues that help guide us through life.  They test the water, so to speak, giving our brains a chance to decide how we are going to engage with the person or animal in our midst.

Many of us engage in Line Chat, Face Book, texting, maybe even sexting, and loads of other means of communication that are not face to face.  How many times have you wrote something that you intended to be funny, then questioned whether it would be received as funny, then choose the goofy, smiley icon or sticker to ensure your message would be delivered properly?  For me, this is a constant, because I am rarely serious and I depend on the expression of those icons!

So many expressions, what will you choose to convey for our Monkey Game?


31 Evanescent Poster

Evanescent will linger around the Side Bars for the briefest of moments for this week’s theme.  Much like a solar phenomena we owe it to our fellow monkeys to create scenes of evanescent quality.  Evanescent is things that will only be with us for short period of time, like vapor or rainbows.  Things with transient abilities, like age or some would say beauty… some, not me of course.

~Beautiful But Deadly~ (Silver)

You speak words that sting my heart,  Lyrics that should be an art, Touches deeply into my soul, A mix of piano, rock and roll.

Her voice chills you to the bone, Makes you feel so cold and alone, The lyrics and tune sweep you away, Into a world of depression and grey.

It’s beautifully tragic, Then rhythm and beat, Gives you a taste of a bitter sweet.  Evanescence you are perfect; sweet yet sour, A beautiful yet deadly flower.

~Written by Lauren-L-~