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Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows. #PFUDOR

Drawing by me

‘Hmm, Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows you say?’, that was my reply to the first time I’d heard the term. I then followed up with a few sarcastic remarks until I discovered that the people informing me of the pink fluffy unicorns creation was in fact a reality (Well on YouTube anyway 🙂 ). curiosity then got the better of me and I investigated further.

Created by a man by the name of Andrew Huang. It was his initial response to a question posted on one of his other previously uploaded youtube videos. I’m not sure what that question was nor do I really care, but that’s what inspired it. Possibly the same reason that inspired me to draw one as a tribute.

I’m a firm believer that sometimes majority rules.  Like Chinese food, how can that many people be wrong,  Chinese food is the shizzel. I began believing that the little song of Andrew’s has some merit in the popularity ranks. The initial video I believe has over 5 million hits.  Some gracious thoughtful soul has even gone out of their way to make us a 600 minute  version, yes! ten hours.  Why though?

Here’s why;

I remember seeing the wiggles for the first time. Hi 5 and heap of other rip offs and they all have one thing in common – Harmless, randomness that makes kids smile not only with the lack of depth with in lyrics but more so the fully matured adult making a clown of themselves in the name of entertainment.  As much as I have ridiculed this man initially, credit to Andrew because it takes a big man to make fun of themselves just so they can put a smile on someones face. I felt a lot safer just drawing a tribute lol.  Andrew is a marketing genius.  Andrew makes songs based on fans ideas. He has a website called, wait for it……….’Songs to wear pants to’. That’s a song in itself with a title like that.


You can’t get much more harmless than a mythical animal (Who’s pink and fluffy), with a ‘smiling texture’, dancing down a rainbow.  I’ve considered the thought numerous times…… I was absolutely inebriated at the time but that was just a state of mind………. Ok, ok, maybe I’m making it up, my mystical animal was a dragon named puff 🙂

All seriousness aside though, lets all take a moment to appreciate the lighter side of life. Let’s appreciate the silly things.  Sure, poke  some harmless fun at them initially but don’t shut off the ‘pink fluffy unicorns dancing down the rainbow’, what ever they may mean to you. In other words, lighten up. Make some art for someone else. Make some art to make someone smile. Make some art to make someone laugh. Make some more art to let people know you are totally insane and not worth bothering with difficult questions.

On a separate note;

To all of you who have ‘ever’ questioned the anatomy of a mythical or magical animal which may have never even existed. How do you know? How do you know where the freaking horn goes on his head. How do you know they look like fluffy gerbils who went through a spin cycle. How do you really know?  Having said this, my best comments to date on mythical animal draws has been the ‘They don’t look like that!’ statements….
I think to myself when reading such comments; ‘Man I lead a boring life. I’m 36 and I’ve never seen a unicorn like these other experts’. 🙂

Keep laughing, keep drawing. Make fun of yourself before I do 🙂

Drawn by Rose - Aged 4
Drawn by Rose – Aged 4
Drawn by Adele
Drawn by Adele
Drawn by Adele
Drawn by Adele
Drawn by Tabitha
Drawn by Tabitha
Drawn by Stacy
Drawn by Stacy

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