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Thanks for the memory

imageMemories are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that can be placed together with art… Which is just what we did for round #100 and #101 of Monkey Side Bars.

Nearing our 120th round soon and whilst prizes of our 100th round are sifting through the mail to our members (hopefully all have made it by now)
let us be reminded of the top three winners above:

Monkey-Tail winner – Debbie G
Caseen Prize Pack- Jacqui L
Caseen Prize Pack – Pia L


Not forgetting our ArtRage Winners:

Mary K

Stephanie H

Ting-Ting G

Debbie B

Annika S

Brian F

Lawrence H

Christina C

Shelly M

Linda B

MSB will put together a new competition soon.
We love how each round of MSB challenges us to reach within ourselves and find an artistic side we never knew
existed.  Your word choices are important to us and make the game what it is today, so thank you to all
members for your continued support.


MSB 100th Round (Glimpses – part 3-5)

Playing catch-up with more artwork for
round 100 and 101 at Monkey Side Bars
from all of our monkey participants so far: