Octa Logo

Octa creates distinctive mobile electronics accessories that make the digital experience more enjoyable.

We are extremely honoured that Octa is sponsoring Monkey Side Bars
and are certain all monkey members will benefit from their unique products.

Take advantage of Octa’s generous offer of a 25% discount by clicking on the link
that appears in the sidebars on every page of our website or by scrolling down
the dropdown menu (MSB – Promotions) to the ‘Octa 25% off voucher’
and the link takes you directly to their page.

TabletTail: Monkey Kit


Go bananas.  The TabletTail: Monkey Kit has evolved beyond a stand.

This all-purpose positioning system holds your tablet in impossible places.  Watch movies with your screen floating in front of you.  The flexible “tail” adjusts to an infinite variety of heights, angles, shapes,
and situations.

Ideal for use in bed, on the couch, in the car, at the gym, or in the jungle.

Peruse over Octa’s astonishing products here:






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