We are very honoured that Caseen is sponsoring the game Monkey Side Bars and that our artists have started to try out their mesh styluses.  This first-rate product makes it excellent to write with as well as producing some amazing monkey artwork.

The VIBE’s mesh conforms quickly to pressure and creates pin-like accuracy to your touch screen. You will be AMAZED at what a difference this technology can make.

Monkey Side Bars have oodles of competitions in place where artists have a chance of winning Caseen styluses.

You can purchase one for yourself by either clicking on the link that appears in the sidebars on every page of our website or by scrolling down the dropdown menu here to the ‘Caseen 50% off voucher’ the link takes you directly to their page.

Please take a look at the ‘Caseen Reviews’ page by Monkey Side Bars artists.


See the variety of VIBE L stylus’s on Caseen’s website including the new VIBE EX-L extra long stylus.

The VIBE L: Elongated Balance

The VIBE L is a rebalanced extra-long version of our famous VIBE stylus. Caseen elongated the stylus a little more than half an inch. The balance of the original VIBE’s feeling remains untouched due to retooling of the stylus’ tip mount. By shaving the tip mount down and rolling the tip mount’s edge down we were able to keep the features that made VIBE stand out. A great fit for those who felt the original VIBE to be too short! Still just as versatile and precision made just like the original, the VIBE L won’t disappoint. Accurate, smooth and precise movements are every VIBE stylus’ purpose during production.


Caseen’s VIBE stands for Versatile In Balance and Exact which describes the stylus’ overall behaviour. The “exact” in VIBE comes from the stylus’ dielectric micro-mesh contact surface. The VIBE’s mesh conforms quickly to pressure and creates pin-like accuracy to your touch screen. This allows the VIBE user to only exert tiny pressure (and we mean a light touch) to operate their capacitive touch screen device.


“Versatile” is what the V stands for in VIBE. The mesh is contoured and pushes out of the stylus with a slight “bulb” like appearance. This bulb is very slight on purpose, and adds to the VIBE’s versatility. Hold the pen up high for “sketching” angles below 30 degrees! The bulb shape gives just enough contact to allow LOW Angle use. This gives an artist’s like touch and feel to the VIBE.


16 carefully perforated holes near the stylus tip reduce weight to give the VIBE amazing balance. The stylus balance point is right where typical drawing and writing angles are.

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