Below are reviews from artists using the mesh tipped stylus from Caseen.
Jim Peterson –Vibe Ink Stylus PenJim - Caseen

“I love my Caseen Vibe.

The mesh tip is both responsive and durable.

I typically go through a rubber-tipped stylus in a couple weeks, and even had a couple tear within the first couple hours of drawing, but the Caseen is still going strong after a month of heavy daily use. And the built-in pen is a great bonus.”


David Burles – Vibe LDavids horror collection

“I today used my new Caseen stylus in two apps with four consecutive draws. I am very happy with the product. I have previously always used chubby rubber styluses. The Caseen mesh tip stylus makes me not want to go back to the chubby rubber variety.  I love the smaller diameter the Caseen stylus has, making details so much easier to add in.  The conductivity is great.  Styluses I’ve used before have had poor screen conductivity. Finally I love the way the stylus glides across the screen. Rubber styluses get tacky not long after use.

There we have it…
A very positive reception from my behalf and I look forward to using it in the future.”
Adele Bosward – Vibe LAdeles turtle

“I have been a digital art enthusiast now for many months. So much so that I have tried and tested many different styluses, from cheap to expensive rubber tipped, the wired typed, and also other mesh varieties. I found that despite my expanding stylus collection, there are flaws and also some extremely difficult to use. I have since discovered the Caseen Vibe L stylus, and have been delighted with its performance. It is precise, smooth and gentle to my screen, and a joy to hold.

I have noticed, and also so have others that my art is looking sharp and crisp!

I’m truly grateful to Caseen for this. I’ve included one of my latest Caseen drawings which I am quite proud of. I’m so glad to have found this product, and will never revert back to any other. Thank you Caseen.”
Kim Grubb – Vibe Ink Stylus Pen

Kim Grubb“I received my Caseen VIBE stylus as a prize awarded through a Monkey Side Bars Contest.  I used it for the first time on my “‘Tis The Season” sketch created in Sketch Club. It was wonderful!  It glides so smoothly and effortlessly over my ipad screen, without skipping or sticking.  Because of the small mesh surface, I was able to pinpoint accurately where my lines would begin and end.  I love the sleek black design and the ink pen stored inside is a handy feature.  The VIBE will definitely be my “go to” stylus…. I feel the sturdy mesh tip will last longer than some of the other styluses I have purchased.

Thank you Caseen and MSB for introducing me to this great product!”


Pia – VIBE L

 “The eagle was done solely with the Caseen Vibe L.
I absolutely love it.
My old cheap rubber stylus has officially landed in the drawer
with all the other banana peels.


It’s easy to handle,
feels great in the hand and is super sensitive to work with on my iPad screen.”


JoAnn Kielsmeier – VIBE L

I love my Caseen VIBE L!

When I started out drawing digitally I used my fingertip and soon became pretty proficient. Later friends began to suggest various rubber tipped stylus’ and I began buying them en mass. Unfortunately I ran through every single one breaking the tip usually at a critical moment in my draw. I went back to using my finger to avoid the frustration. Then along came the Monkeysidebar Eiffel Tower contest poster in which the Caseen VIBE mesh tip stylus was being advertised as a prize. Not only did it encourage me to join the contest but I knew I couldn’t rely on winning a contest to have it. So, I immediately went online and bought one.

JoJo 2 jojo

I don’t go anywhere without my VIBE L. I love the way it glides over my screen, it never skips and after many hours of drawing shows no sign of wear and tear. If it ever does wear out I will buy another.


Kim S (Zombiepanda)

These are some of my drawings I’ve drawn with Caseen Vibe L stylus. I’ve have had other styluses, and Caseen just did it for me because the performance and accuracy are impeccable. I cannot go without a Caseen stylus anymore because Caseen is a great innovative company with outstanding high quality products.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3Thank you Caseen for creating such outstanding products!!


Tracy Strassburg – VIBE L

Holy Smokes, I’ve just had the privilege of creating my latest digital art piece with the Caseen mesh tip stylus pen!  Several factors set the Caseen stylus in a category by itself.

photoThe Caseen stylus is substantial, the perfect balance of weight and length.  Ideal tapering to the point where the mesh tip begins.  With the Caseen you don’t have to ever worry about the stylus scratching your device.  The mesh tip is highly responsive, dense, and glides effortlessly over the screen.

The dual functionality with the black ball point pen feature makes this stylus irreplaceable.  To top it all off they come in an array of brilliant colors.

Caseen has become the leader in stylus manufacturing and I am a believer in their product!


Hannah Mitchell – VIBE EX-L

The Caseen VIBE EX-L is the best stylus I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned at least 20 or more. The Caseen stylus is smooth, it doesn’t stick to my iPad screen or make that annoying noise like the rubber tipped stylus do.

My kids and I are constantly snatching it from each other as though we don’t have tons of other styluses in the house. Don’t waste your time and money on any other stylus. Cassen is the best!!

Hannah's caseen review drawI used the Monkey Side Bars coupon code and got the Caseen stylus for only $9.99. Honestly, I love the quality of this stylus so much; I’d pay more without a doubt. It’s not just for artists. It’s great for making lists, jotting down notes, kids coloring APPs, ETC. I will deff be ordering more Caseen products in the future.
Deb Lafngwatr – Caseen Stylus Touch Pen

The Caseen Stylus Touch Pen is about four inches long, and is the perfect size to slip into your pocket or purse to have on hand when you’re wearing gloves or if you’re compulsive about keeping a smudge-free screen like me. Although the rubber nib is about twice the size of my current stylus, it’s very responsive and smooth and doesn’t leave a residue. It’s very lightweight and has a good feel, too.

Deb L
Artist: Deb Lafngwatr

Thank you, Caseen, for such a great product!


Ben N – Ex-L-Extra-Long Stylus

This is my first sketch with my new stylus for winning the MSB Self-portrait Competition. A big thanks to all Monkey Side Bars artists, admins and jurors for your support. I love the length of this one and the fabric of the tip slides over the screen as an eel in a bucket of snot. But for the detailed work this tip is too big. Great for sketching though.

Artwork: Ben N


Mario Alberto – Caseen VIBE EX-L

Before anything, I would like to wish thanks to Monkey Side Bars managers, especially Tabitha and Rosenfeld for sending me a Caseen VIBE EX-L stylus. I really appreciate that.

My first impression when I saw the Caseen stylus was, this is a lot larger and the tip is wider than my actual stylus, how can it be a better tool for drawing then? But after using it, I realized that its technology allows you to draw longer and more precise lines, because of the smooth and soft way how the stylus slides over the display device surface.

It is light and elegant and allows a good angle range in the hand, besides, this stylus does not make any sound or any other annoying feature like rubber tipped styluses do. So, I consider the Caseen stylus a great option for digital artwork in tablets or similar devices.

This rocking Smurf was the first one that I made with the Caseen stylus.
Artist: Mario Alberto
Artist: Mario Alberto

12 thoughts on “CASEEN REVIEWS

  1. I bought a Caseen Vibe as soon as it saw it as a prize on the Monkeysidebars contest Eiffel Tower! I had been using my finger since I wear out the rubber ones very quickly! Love love love it!!

  2. I bdought several Caseen styli in Decenber using the coupon code, They are first class especially the extra long one. Since the coupon is no longer valid as of Jan 31st, I suggest you remove it from the MSB page, or, get a new coupon that is valid now.

    1. Hi Julie, the poster has recently been updated as the 50% voucher we have with Caseen is on-going at the moment and the extra long stylus is the top prize in our Self-Portrait competition. The poster for this appears on each page of the website and also under the tab ‘Caseen 50% off voucher’ Take a look at our reply to you Jan 20 there 😀

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