Caseen 50% off voucher

Stylus Ad 50% new code May 14

Click on the voucher for Caseen’s stylus’s


7 thoughts on “Caseen 50% off voucher

  1. I am addicted to the Caseen stylus and the 50% off voucher. I keep ordering different kinds and the ones I like best are: The Extra Long mesh and the ink/stylus combination. The long one is really great. Easy to hold and draw with. The ink pen combination is great to carry in my purse. That way you are always ready to either write with a pen or draw with a stylus.

  2. It is one year later and here I am ordering more Caseen Vibes. They do wear out as is the case with most products that are used a lot. I am glad the 50% voucher is still in effect.

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