ArtRage Reviews

We are extremely grateful to our sponsor friends at ArtRage, for providing Monkey Side Bars artists with such a
vibrant app as prizes in our competitions.

Here below we shall list, as and when they come in, reviews and a drawing from Monkey Members using ArtRage:
 Debbie Zyla Becker AKA @Dranny7
(ArtRage winner from round #100)

Thanks again for the ArtRage app and the Monkey gift bag! (from MSB).
I love the Caseen stylus too and I’m having fun learning to use this app.
Here is my first attempt at realism, using ArtRage and my new stylus.

falling leafI love the availability of colors and tools. I love being a member of Monkeysidebars, the artists are so nice, and very talented. I continue to be wowed by everyone’s art.
Thanks again!


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