Monkey Side Bars



We have had a blast monkeying around supporting and enriching one another in this crazy drawing game.  However, the time has come for the Side Bars to take a break.  We would like to thank each and every monkey that participated in our creative antics.  Please e-mail us at with any questions or queries.  Feel free to tag #monkeysidebars with your posting masterpieces.  Good luck to you all and we shall see you around the jungle!


7 thoughts on “Monkey Side Bars

  1. Best wishes to everyone! You will be missed! I will always have a special place in my heart for the wonderful art friends, particularly Adelle, who introduced me to “monkeying around” in Monkey sidebars! I hope to see you again in Sketchclub and the many Facebook art groups! Sincerely, Linda Batey

  2. This is too sad! I guess all the good things have to end. It’s been a pleasure interacting with you all, and I’m thankful I got to be a part of this community and learned from the best! God Bless each and everyone of you, and good luck on all your endeavours.

  3. Thank you for all your hard work! We will miss all the humour and fabulous art. This was a great space….wishing you everything of the very best out in the jungle. Thanks for all the fun.

  4. Not the same without you guys!!! Hope to have you back up and running again in the near future! Love and Aloha! Moni

  5. Tracy, Just saw this. I’m saddened to see Monkey go even though I haven’t been participating due to illness. I hope Monkey makes a comeback soon! Hope you are well! Kat

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  6. Hi All

    Thank you for your comments, we are sorry we had to close.

    There is a chance that we may return in the near future, but we shall inform all monkeys when and if it happens …soon 🙂

    Thank you for playing and we hope to see you on our return.

    Have fun
    Monkey People

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