42 Punk Poster

Punk could refer to a youngster that lacks experience.  A punk is sometimes synonymous with a hoodlum, trouble maker, or rebel. Even Ashton Kutcher made a little pocket change ‘punking’ or tricking celebrities for MTV, on the show called Punk’d. The 1970’s gave us the punk fashion, or should we say anti-fashion that aligned with the street culture of the youth.  Punk rock followed with bands like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, and the Ramones.  These punks were anti-establishment, stylishly unisex, and pierced in all the wrong places.

If this doesn’t get your creativity flowing, you could always throw a little steam at it!  Steampunk combines science fiction and fantasy in all the right ways.  Industrialized steam powered aesthetics in an alternate reality.

If your a monkey of the Side Bars, we implore you to get ‘punked out’ for this week’s theme!



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