Balloons are sure to delight even the most cynical of party poopers.  These stretchy, colorful bags can be inflated with good ole’ fashion air or pumped up with helium for all sorts of celebrations.  You can even purchase bio-degradable balloons to safely release into the environment.  Watch them drift upward until they are but a speck and vanish into the abyss.  If its hot, there is nothing like a cooler filled with water balloons.  Lock in on your target and unleash the good times!

Of course, there are other kinds of balloons.  Like the ones we use in meteorology, military purposes, or the ones that actually save lives in medical procedures.  Personally, I like the hot air balloons. A couple year’s ago we went to a hot air balloon festival. Hundreds of ginormous hot air balloons took part filling the blue sky and leaving the spectators in awe.

Enjoy creating balloons for this week’s theme!



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