35 Shaka Poster

Most of us have used Shaka as a hand gesture known as “hang loose” associated with Hawaii and surf culture.  One must extend the thumb and pinkie finger while holding the three middle fingers curled like you were making a fist, now rotate your hand back and forth.

Hawaiians use the shaka gesture to convey their “Aloha Spirit”.  Moni, our lovely Hawaiian monkey has shared shaka with us and explains that this basic gesture is quick, easy, and also sincere.  “I have countless photos of family flashing the shaka sign.  So, it’s kind of more than the sign.  It’s peace, love, aloha, how are you, I get you, I see you… a simple but true show of affection.” ~ Moni

Let us embody the shaka spirit in our creations for this week’s theme.  Aloha monkeys!



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