34 Knurly Poster

A knurl is a knot or knob, and can be portrayed in the literal and abstract sense beautifully. This growth ranges in size and can add tremendous character to objects and people alike. Who doesn’t like a little character?

I absolutely adore those trees that are twisted and knurled, having withstood countless lashings from mother nature.  Knurly wood fashions with their signature burls are now quiet popular furniture pieces and home decor.

When I think of knurly, I also think of my father’s hands.  He has always been a man’s man, hardworking and ornery.  Those hands are not only knurled, but callased, cracked, and liver spotted. If his hands could talk they would tell outlandish stories of adventures and horrible mistreatment.

Explore knurls, relish in their beautiful imperfections for this week’s theme!


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