33 Expression Poster

Expression, a lovely conveyor of emotion.  Strong emotions are easily read through grief stricken or elated expressions.  A snarling dog or a sleepy monkey are also universally clear expressions.  Some expressions are little harder to read, but just as crucial as we navigate our own Side Bars.

Imagine a world without expression…  We base so much of our interactions on expressions.  They are social cues that help guide us through life.  They test the water, so to speak, giving our brains a chance to decide how we are going to engage with the person or animal in our midst.

Many of us engage in Line Chat, Face Book, texting, maybe even sexting, and loads of other means of communication that are not face to face.  How many times have you wrote something that you intended to be funny, then questioned whether it would be received as funny, then choose the goofy, smiley icon or sticker to ensure your message would be delivered properly?  For me, this is a constant, because I am rarely serious and I depend on the expression of those icons!

So many expressions, what will you choose to convey for our Monkey Game?


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