31 Evanescent Poster

Evanescent will linger around the Side Bars for the briefest of moments for this week’s theme.  Much like a solar phenomena we owe it to our fellow monkeys to create scenes of evanescent quality.  Evanescent is things that will only be with us for short period of time, like vapor or rainbows.  Things with transient abilities, like age or some would say beauty… some, not me of course.

~Beautiful But Deadly~ (Silver)

You speak words that sting my heart,  Lyrics that should be an art, Touches deeply into my soul, A mix of piano, rock and roll.

Her voice chills you to the bone, Makes you feel so cold and alone, The lyrics and tune sweep you away, Into a world of depression and grey.

It’s beautifully tragic, Then rhythm and beat, Gives you a taste of a bitter sweet.  Evanescence you are perfect; sweet yet sour, A beautiful yet deadly flower.

~Written by Lauren-L-~



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