29 Fluffy Poster


“It’s so Fluffy I’m Gonna DIE!!! – Agnes proclaims in Despicable Me.

If that doesn’t grab you, you may have seen Gabriel Iglesias’s The Fluffy Movie 2014.  This stand up comedian is just as cute, although he is now a little less fluffy.  There was also that vicious, three headed dog in the Harry Potter series that answered Fluffy. Fortunately, music made that fluffy beast drift off to sleep.

We use fluffy so many different ways, with context being the key to the intended definition.  Fluffy may refer to things that are light or airy.  Intellectually speaking, fluffy could represent things that are frivolous or insignificant.  Fluffy may simply be used as a description of the outer covering of an object.  However, we also use fluffy as an insult when describing a person or their behavior. Fluffy in this sense, could insinuate someone being overweight or unmanly.

To be or not to be Fluffy, for Sunday, April 12th!


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