28 Movie Star Poster


Please silence all devices and refrain from chit chat while we dim the lights for this week’s showing of Movie Stars!  These are the celebrities we pine over, and may even fantasize about… Their movies have touched our hearts, made us laugh, and the topic of countless conversations.    Their name has weight and that alone will draw the masses into the theaters.

In the U.S. movie stars came to us in the form of Hollywood’s Silent Movies, and their actual names were not even promoted or released.  However, we not only loved the movie, we loved them!    Soon these actors had promotional agents making them cinematic legends.  Movie stars like Judy Garland, Rock Hudson, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe became household names. Film Stars are recognized and idolized all over the world.  They not only entertain us, but keep us company.

Let us celebrate these legends of the box office in this week’s theme, Movie Stars!





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