28 Mask Poster

A mask is used to conceal one’s identity.  Superheros and villains have relied on these fashionable disguises to ensure their true selves remain a mystery.  We use masks to role play and reenact periods throughout history.  The mask can be the most crucial part of most costumes.  At Halloween the masked masses take to the streets in a last ditch effort for free candies.  Masks become beautiful bedazzled pieces for masquerade balls.  They take on grizzly shapes for armed robberies.  And lets not forget the mask us ladies apply every now and again to defy time by exfoliating dead skin.

There is loads of masked imagery out there to ignite your creativity for our masked theme.  But, if a literal disguise is not what you are looking for, you could always capture the masks we where everyday.  The mask that we show everyone, the one that looks like we have it all together…  No one really seems to notice because we all to some degree adorn these fleshy masked versions of ourselves.

Wednesday, April 1st lets all reveal our masks!



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