25 Feverdream Poster

Ever woken up, dripping in sweet, wondering what on earth you had just been dreaming? You were probably having a fever dream. fever dream is a particularly intense or
confusing dream or nightmare brought on by a fever. 

I think the most vivid, crazy dream I’ve had was fever induced. Flu ridden at the time and quite ill. The specifics of the dream I can not recall, however it was quite ridiculous. I can remember thinking to myself, ‘what the hell was all that about?’. I guess it is kind of like a surrealistic nightmare. Hallucinations within a dream which are scary and induce fear.
Rationalisation is lost. Everything as crazy as it seems appears to be real and your mental capacity to distinguish real from unreal is lost. 

Just like having a fever during the day, no matter what state you are in,  it is hard to think straight. The brain doesn’t function well above or below 37 degrees celcius. Thus the
irrational behaviour and lack problem solving ability. Like hypothermia (low core
temperature) the ability to think clearly is not a luxury. 

Fevers make the brain go crazy and think some really weird stuff up. Fever dreaming is the next level or craziness. It could be a nightmarish Dali landscape coming to life with flying Nemos making fun of the shoes youre wearing. Stuff like that that just doesn’t make sense.

So what are going to fever dream up?. Some surrealistic nightmare,
Or maybe you want to reference one of the thousand songs titled fever dream.  I look forward to your fever dreaming.
[pencil draw of mine (no ref) finished in Pro-Create.

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