23 Destiny Poster

Monkey’s were destined to create.  Our beginnings often took the form of forbidden wall doodles and elaborate designs encompassing our childhood notebooks.  I’ve even know a monkey or two to have trouble with standardized tests because the allure to actually create something with those darn bubbles was too strong.  Why?  Well, we were destined to create.

Destiny is the path you were meant to travel, your fate.  A predetermined series of events that guide you through life.  Not to be confused with Destiny’s Child, an R&B/Pop group starring Beyonce’ Knowles.

So for this week’s word you could really create any landmarks that directed you or kept you on your predetermined course.  Maybe it was the birth of your child, a move, or a simple doodle.  If you could create your own destiny, what would it entail?  How about the destiny of someone famous that changed the course of history?  Lets all explore each other’s destiny as we convene for our destiny’s for this week’s word!




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