20 Petrified Poster

Petrified is often used to describe wood or any organic matter that has been transformed through time becoming fossilized to stone. This process of petrification involves permineralization, where the object’s organic matter is replaced with minerals, keeping the integrity of the structure.  – Wikipedia

Feel free to check out The Petrified Forest, a National Park in Arizona, USA.  This awe inspiring park was established as a national monument in 1906.  Petrified objects can be some of the most fascinating and artistically interesting pieces.

Of course, if you have Hylophobia you will be absolutely petrified of anything involving wood.  In fact, it may render you completely immobile… petrified.   If you find yourself in this situation, fear not, the images are stone.  Which means, this wonderful word is also representative of all things that could render you speechless or leave you with cold sweats.

Enjoy all things that withstood the test of time or are so terrifying you become downright petrified for this week’s theme!


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