18 Dalliance Poster

If dalliance doesn’t tickle your fancy I’m not sure what will…  This delightful little word has been around since the 14 century and is all about the art of play.  All those frivolous, light hearted games we engage in for jest, flirtation, or sexual interludes.  Dalliance can be seen throughout the animal kingdom, but honestly, no one does dalliance better than a monkey. One thing is for certain, dalliance should not be taken too seriously.

Please use caution while drawing for dalliance and call your doctor if dalliant symptoms continue after your dalliance creations.  One should not engage in dalliance while operating a moving vehicle.  However, dalliance in the Side Bars is fully permitted.  Please refrain from videoing dalliant behavior…  Good luck and have fun my lovely monkeys!



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