17 Ronin Poster

A ‘Ronin’ was a term first used in the days of the Samurai. It’s origin dates back to 1185 AD in Japan. A Ronin was a samurai who had lost their master either by means of defeat or dishonour. Basically a Ronin was a lost soldier with no purpose.  A life destined to be served with out direction or the direction is no longer clear and concise.
A rogue warrior if you will.

The Actor Kataoka Nizaemon in the role of Oboshi Yuranosuke (leader of the 47 ronin)

I think of the ‘Ronin’ as an individual. The guy or gal who sets their own path,  not the ‘conformist’ who follows someone else’s path. In samurai terms however, the Ronin meaning is a little deeper than individuals and conformists. The samurai had a long history of well educated, highly skilled warriors who answer the orders only of their master. The term Ronin back in its time of origin would have meant heart felt sorrow for the honourable soldier with out direction. A soldier who is still at war but has no battle plans or instruction from his master and commander.

These days, the term Ronin isn’t quite as significantly felt as it was hundreds of years ago.  Now a ronin may be student who has just finished schooling but hasn’t got a job to go to. It could be someone out of work and in between jobs. I could be someone who has just got out of relationship and they are looking for a fresh start. Basically someone who hasn’t got their future laid out for them clearly.

The term ‘Ronin’ was given to the Wolverine by the Silver Samurai in Marvel comics story-lines. Again, someone who has weapons and skills in war and destruction but no direction or instruction on how to use his powers.
A lethal soldier who has no master to command him.

The ‘Ronin’ personality exists in today’s society. People who crave instruction and direction. They are most unlike the warriors of old but they are lost without someone telling them what to do. They are those who you’d read about in ‘lord of the flies’.
I work with some of these people lol 😀

So who is your Ronin? A samurai who lost his master?
A warrior with out a purpose?
Or just someone lost, someone who has lost their direction or purpose?

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