14 Souvenir Poster

My cat once left me the loveliest of souvenirs.  I know she sat quietly, stalking her prey for hours until everything aligned.  She made her move in a flurry of highly lethal and perfectly executed feline martial arts.  She savored her victory, but realized she needed to keep, or at least share some momento, some souvenir. Which leads me to the most grotesque of surprises to be awoken to as my alarm sounded off.  Her souvenir laid ever so still, atop the pillow that lied next to mine.  I flew out of bed, pretty sure insulting the cat, and peeked back at the object of her affection.  It’s beautiful big eyes no longer blinked and it’s massive ears looked a lot like Mickey.  Only Mickey didn’t have a body.  Wounded by my lack of excitement, she picked up her souvenir and bounded off to cherish Mickey elsewhere.

Hopefully your souvenirs do not involve severed heads, but wonderful reminders of people, places, and things you’ve experienced.  They conjure memories allowing us a brief escape into a different time.  Souvenirs could really be anything from a round stone, to a super-bowl ticket, to a letter your child wrote to you when they were only 6 years old and you still hung the moon.

Show us your souvenirs.  Let us know why your souvenir is sentimental to you, Wednesday, February 11th!


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