11 Super-Bowl Poster

This un-official United States holiday is the championship game in the NFL (National Football League).  The Super-bowl was created when the NFL and its rival league the AFL reached a merger officially beginning in 1970.  Each team became a conference, the NFC (National Football Conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference).  The Super-bowl is played between the conference champions.  – Wikipedia

Even if you are not a football fan the commercials and halftime show make Super-bowl Sunday a must for most folks.  Advertisers know viewership will be at its peak and fork out the dough for Super-bowl airtime.  Madonna, Michael Jackson, and The Rolling Stones are just a view of the musical talents that have performed.

This year it is NFL Super-bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona.

So now, drawing ideas…  Well if you’re not into sporty references, you could hone in on the entertainment side of this frenzy.  How about some delicious mouth watering Super-bowl appetizers.  My grandfather used to carve some awesome wooden bowls, I would in fact call them super…  Anyhoo, create away and enjoy your day on Super-bowl Sunday, February 1st!



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