DJ – Competition – Results

Results are in, from MonkeySideBars Round #144 – DJ Competition.
This contest, judged by our very own sponsors at Caseen,
say a few words about each winner and participant of this round:

The DJ Insists, that you throw your hands in the air and pump some fists,
Dancing beats fill the room as the DJ plays the next tune 🙂

Caseen says:
“Hello my name is Brandon Sugano, and I am one of the marketing
managers here at caseen HQ working with MSB for many months now.
We are a proud sponsor, and even more proud to have been chosen to judge the round “DJ”  I had a very difficult time choosing from among all the
talented entries, but I think we have come down to a decision.
All of your works depicted unique and amazing ways
to interpret the word “DJ”.

WINNER – 1ST PLACE – Goes to Monkey Member MaryJayne

MaryJayne - 1st Place

Caseen says: Congratulations @maryjane530 you are the winner of this round!
Your work depicted an abstract DJ with roots for hands and an afro for tree leaves.
It is a very unique and beautiful work.

2ND PLACE- Goes to Monkey Member @Rosenfeld2

Rosenfeld2 - 2nd Place

Caseen says: This was also beautiful, and I love the abstraction of an equalizer to a DJ.
Very well done! The dark black background and neons perfectly depict a DJ with an
exciting tone.

3RD place- Goes to Monkey Member Rachy

Rachy Suzanne - 3rd Place

Caseen says:  @rachysuzanne – Your work depicted a beautiful scene with abstract shapes and a very well done DJ.

Embaressed to say (coz I’m writing this!) that an Honorable Mention goes to:
Tabitha Raincloud AKA @newjupiter

Tabby Raincloud - HM

Caseen says: newjupiter who depicts the “iPad DJ”. It definitely depicts the young DJs of today who use tablets and technology to DJ to audiences. The iPad case is a common type and is perfectly drawn and well detailed. The shading and coloring is really good.
Keep up the great work!

Caseen also says:  “Again all contest entries were great, and proved for a very hard round of judging! Thank you MSB for the opportunity to host and judge this round!”

Please peruse below ALL entries for this round:

Much appreciation goes to Caseen for supporting and sponsoring our community from almost the very
beginning.  Judging from our feedback at MSB, we know that Monkey Members enjoy Caseen products…

Thanks over and over Caseen and all Monkey Members for making this such a fun community.

Monkey on 🙂


2 thoughts on “DJ – Competition – Results

  1. Thank you all you monkeys! We will be sending all winning monkeys the prizes soon! I had a great time judging, and look forward to doing so again. I hope my eye did the right thing with all the submissions! Fun and thank you all for supporting caseen! Please check out our website at !

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