04 Psychosis Poster

Shhhhh, did you hear that?  Over there, something is watching us… There are monkeys EVERYWHERE!

Psychosis is a mental illness that makes normal life activities and demands extremely challenging.  In a sense, reality may come in and out of focus, leaving one’s judgement impaired.  There are a wide range of symptoms, from seeing, hearing, smelling, and even tasting things that are not actually present.  There could be delusional thoughts and the debilitating stronghold of paranoia.

Psychosis is a disease, but can also be the result of a brain injury. Drug use may result in the Psychotic symptoms, but not considered true psychosis.  Psychosis is treated with medication, and in extreme cases electroshock therapy (ECT).

What is Psychosis to you?  Lets sit in a padded cell with low lighting, secured by a straight jacket  while we channel ideas…



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