DJ – Competition

Round #144 at MonkeySideBars
is also a competition round for all Monkey Members.
Play it in the usual way – all drawings must be new 🙂
Competition ends: Saturday December 27th

DJ, or Disc Jockey is the theme, please do not confuse with an actual jockey unless of course they are mixing music atop a horse. So many images come to mind, and oddly enough I can picture each word with it’s own strobe and beat.
We have vinyl, turntables, and headphones, some hip hop, rap, or techno, for a smashing party, rave, or dance, all engineered by the talented disc jockey (deejay).  They are known for their mixing and scratching as they blend hits combining artists and keeping the dance floor alive.  The tracks fade in and out, all controlled by the pulse of the DJ.

It’s time to celebrate my monkeys, so put on something festive,
and don’t forget to tip your Disc Jockey!

 “Music gives us soul
To the universe,
Wings to the mind,
Flight to the imagination
And life to everything.”
– in my creations/tumblr

Our sponsor friends at Caseen
will be judging this compeition for us,
of their chosen word DJ
Caseen will be giving away some fantastic stylus prizes below:
1st Place: 2X caseen VIBE L in Pink and Black
 2nd Place: 1X caseen VIBE in Black
 3rd Place: 1X caseen CLASSIC Stylus in Silver

Disc Jockey (DJ): Do we all think that DJ’s mix music up to make it sound good?

Good luck to all members participating in this round 😀

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