Come my monkeys, put on your pj’s and sit around the fire for an enchanting story brought to you by our Darknightmare12.

It was 1936 in Mexico City when a 30 year young handcraft card  worker, Pedro Linares Lopez, became very ill.   In his unconsciousness he drifted into a very deep dream state, revealing estranged creatures that changed his destiny as handcraft worker in the popular Mexican market known as “La Merced”.

Without access to health care his sisters treated him with home made remedies.  Nothing seemed work.  They prayed for their brother to overcome this illness and return to them.

Meanwhile, Pedro was dreaming about a strange and interesting place, very calm and peaceful.  This place seemed magical and resembled a forest, with trees, rocks, and animals.  The sky was beautiful, rich with color and clouds.  He was very happy walking in such a wonderful place, but then everything began to change.  Suddenly, the rocks, clouds, and animals turned into strange creatures.  They had become fantastical beings, a donkey with wings, a rooster with horns, a lion with a reptile head, bugs with dragon wings, on and on, an endless array of spectacular manifestations.

All of the creatures began to shout just one word, “Alebrijes”, louder and louder, “Alebrijes, Alebrijes”…

Then a man appeared and told Pedro that he should not be here yet and guided him to an exit.  Pedro ran, ran until he found a small window that he managed to squeeze through and escape that far off place.  He immediately woke, surprising all of his family and friends who were in the middle of Pedro’s funeral ceremony!

After Pedro recovered he began to remember his dream and wanted to share those fantastical creatures with everyone.  He had the skills as a handcraft card crafter so he began recreating the magical colorful figures, the “Alebrijes”.  Pedro worked long hours every day on the “Alebrijes” so that people all over the world could experience these creatures.  Pedro died in 1992, at the age of 86.  We know Pedro returned to that magical forest of the “Alebrijes”.

Nowadays, “Alebrijes” is one of the most appreciated Mexican hand crafted art, that is sold and exhibited all over the world.  The craftsmanship of the “Alebrijes” has kept alive a very popular tradition, especially in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.  So, can you draw the “Alebrijes” of your dreams?  Enjoy my monkeys and allow your imaginations to run wild!


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