What my friends is better than a monkey in a speedo?  Nothing. So grab your beach towels and escape into a marine themed adventure of nautilustic infused creations.

Nautilus is actually from the Nautilidae family of marine animals and contains the genus Nautilus, according to the folks at WikipediA.  The nautilus is a pelagic marine mollusc and the nautiloidea are often considered “living fossils”.  The shells are normally smooth with the characteristic whorl sections.

We also have the first submarine invented by Robert Fulton named Nautilus and the fictional submarine of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  I’ve learned there is a Nautilus science magazine, fitness equipment, and even some video games.

Nautilus’s reach has proven greater than mere ocean, sea, and beach aesthetics.  We love the patterns, shapes, and colors, but are inspired by the depth of nautilus.  To me nautilus is more of a feeling.  A beautiful, peaceful serenity where time seems to slow and wonder is alive and well.  Explore, Create, and Enjoy Nautilus for Sunday, December 14th!


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