The term “psychedelic” is derived from the Ancient Greek words psychē (ψυχή, “mind”) and dēloun (δηλοῦν, “to make visible, to reveal”), translating to “mind-revealing”.
A lot of people associated the term psychedelic with the sixties movements and
hallucinogenic drugs. Either way, if something is psychedelic,
it certainly stands out and it’s going to be bright and colourful.

When I think of psychedelic art, I think of artists like Francoise Nielly, Patrice Murciano and Leonid Afremov. Not necessarily psychedelic scenes, but they all have a way with bright colours. I’m not sure they are revealing windows into their artistic mind or rather they are just like using those colours. In using those colours, they’ve created their own style.

I’ve dabbled in psychedelic colours before on a few occasions. Was I on an acid trip? No, not this time lol, Never. Was it me trying to let people know what is going on in mind? Yeah, sort of. For me, it isn’t that deep. I like using a psychedelic colour range every now and again because ‘I want to and because I can lol’. Usually I make something for people who follow me. Something I necessarily wouldn’t hang in my house but other people would. People dig psychedelic images especially if the theme tickles their fancy.

Psychedlic landscape

Psychedlic nudeWhen artists take on psychedelic images with depth, they use the colour palette to depict shadow and light on a different level. The colours used can sometimes reflect the emotion the artist is portraying or they are  just setting a mood.

So what ever your psychedelic image, I’m sure it will be bright and colourful. Will it be a window to your artistic soul or an example of what you think others may like.


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