A celebration, party or social gathering; it all means good times are meant to be had by all. The occasion can be something as official as a Wedding or it might be a party to celebrate an anniversary of some kind, it might also just be for the sake of it. Sometimes we do not need a reason to celebrate other than feeling like it.

Why do we celebrate? Why do we enjoy social gatherings or parties? Not all of us do. I tend to avoid parties if I can but ironically I enjoy it when I go. It is kind of social avoidance to a degree. Sometimes I just like my own space lol. The crowd does certainly dictate a mood.
I know that if my wife were to host a lingerie party, I would make myself scarce to avoid crazed woman and inevitable questions “Does this make me look fat?”.
With that example, we should choose our parties wisely !

I enjoy Weddings. Everyone usually has a good time there in my experience. Everyone is happy for the couple and the celebration is more of a romantic bond instead of how many shots tequilla you can do.

Reunions are funny. I enjoy seeing how much people change and how little some others do. Usually you see the high achievers, and it’s not someone anyone predicted to be successful and then you see the opposite. People who had their ambitions mixed up with their capabilities lol. I don’t take pleasure in seeing anyone fail or fall from grace but I do have a soft spot for seeing justice in life.

Birthday parties ; Now that depends on whose birthday it is doesn’t it?. Especially as we age, some people seem to get sensitive with this celebration. Some people love to be the centre of attention. A party all for them and all about them. Then there are other birthdays where the host just wants to entertain and reminisce. Usually their guests are the same crowd they’ve known as they’ve grown up. It’s like a mini reunion for the friends I think that’s why movies like ‘American Pie’ are popular with so many. A lot of people can relate to the feel good adventures and the parties. Especially Stifflers parties. I’m sure I grew up with a guy just like that.

Anyway, party on people.


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