What is a Robot you might ask? Well Wikipedia says ” a robot is an automatic mechanical device often resembling a human or animal. Modern robots are usually an electro-mechanical machine guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry.”

I work with robots. They replaced people a few years ago. I guess the reason they replaced people was due to the fact they do not question, they do not sleep, they are programable and they do not get injured or have sickies. In a management position, it is quite easy to understand why robots replacing people makes sense.
It doesn’t always make sense however.

One thing humans can show that a robot cannot is simple; ‘Emotive thought’.
What I mean by this is people can make decisions  based on emotional throughts or
experiences whereas robots cannot. Humans can make more appropriate decisions using not only our senses but our memory or our history database is used everytime we have to make a judgement or decisison in life. Again, this doesn’t turn out for the best.

What robots can do that humans can’t, is make totally impartial unbiased decsisons
(Unless programmed to do otherwise). Robots do not have emotive thoughts provoking or steering their decisions. They usually base all decisions on mathematics not on whether their feelings have been hurt previously.

Someone can be robotic. They can be perceived as being programmable or easily led. Maybe in some light, a conformist. The individual in robotic world would be like the robot that blows up once in while.

Who is your favorite robot? Mine is Bender from Futurama. Although I do have a soft spot for the crazy stabbing and exploding robots in the same show lol. Cant see myself drawing a robot from work this time. They aren’t into selfies and aren’t all that photogenic :-).

So, is it a funny cartoon robot we will draw? A cybernetic organism robot? Maybe even that silly K-9 dog from Dr Who? We will have to wait and see.


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