Did anyone else immediately think firefighter?  Well, that is where my mind went, all those images of men with those heavy, sooted pants and suspenders over bare chests yielding axes and water hoses…   I know there are  firewomen too, my mind, just didn’t go there.

There are loads of fighting and fighter references out there.  Any favorite boxers come to mind?  How about all those box office sensations?  Fight club has always been one of my favorites.  We also have all of the Rocky movies, Cinderella Man, The Fighter, and anything with Jackie Chan or Jean-Claude Van Damme, just to name a few.

Fighter may also represent someone’s inner spirit and their perseverance.  The fighter in this scenario battles illness and disease.  Those enemies are not as visible but just as vicious.

So lets all put up a good fight, as we fight our way through the Sidebars to post for fighter, Sunday, November 30th!


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