Glow, often the ideal amount of light to heighten romance, add intrigue, and alter one’s mood.  It is generally the soft lighting free of flame.  Glow creates atmosphere, drama, and ambiance.  Of course, it also perpetuates squinting, and the stubbing of one’s toes…

Glow gives way to an imagery explosion.  We have awe inspiring sunsets and sunrises, moonscapes, and northern lights all casting their own glow upon cities, mountains, and oceans.  The marine life in the darkest of sea depths cast an array of colorful luminescence.  Twinkle lights shimmer and give way to holiday cheer.  Glowing embers from a hot stove on a cold day radiate and pop.  And sometimes glow is just a feeling that warms your skin and makes you shine from within.

So grab those glow sticks, dig out that glow worm, and bask in the inspired creations of glow!


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