VENTRILOQUISTI say we all get some uniquely engineered monkeys to collectively puppeteer.  They will represent the Side Bars and strive for world domination.  Those puppets aren’t no dummies,
they can and will say what you’ve always wanted to say but couldn’t…  Tired of being passed over at work?
Mother-in-law giving you a hard time?
Bring on the monkeys!
Ventriloquism dates back to the 1700s.
We all know its hilarious entertainment capabilities but it has also been used for religious purposes.  The ability to throw ones voice or speak from the stomach is quite an art-form.
There are many masters from the Great Lester with Frank Byron, Jr of 1904 to the popular Jeff Dunham of today.
Journey through the archives of ventriloquists as you explore some creative ways to represent this week’s word.

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