The perfect amount of shade can create stunning colors and effects.  Shade can illustrate tremendous gravity and bring depth to a whole new level.  Shade impacts mood, changing the climate of a piece and sparking the patrons imagination.  Shade becomes so much more than just an area manipulated by light.

How about those shady spots on a hot summer’s day can be total life savers and make for some truly beautiful works of art.  A gorgeous old growth tree with enormous sweeping limbs amid a field of wild flowers blowing ever so gently by a mid summer’s breeze.  Maybe my utopian shade spot…

This article would not be complete without the mention of shades…  No, not your house blinds, those high fashion, super trendy, spectacles to save your eyes from those blinding rays.

Enjoy the shade, your shades, and all the depths and ranges of shade for Sunday, November 9th!


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