Hmmmm, meditation…  Isn’t mental exercise way more fun than dripping of sweat and smelling of body odor?  All we need is a mantra, a monkey mantra!  We shall concentrate on our breathing and monkey mantra as we drift into a magnificent meditative state.

A monkey must reflect, because thats what monkey’s do…  or

Who’s da mon-key?, you da mon-key…

How’s that for our mantra?  Now for the breathing,  as you inhale your belly button should extend outwards filling your entire lungs with oxygen.  As you exhale I want you to imagine your belly button touching your spine.

Now that your mind is clear and we can check the gym off the list, what shall we draw?  You might need to meditate on it!  lol!  All I know is anything seems possible with a crisp clear mind.  So enjoy your meditative state, we sure will enjoy seeing those monkey creations!



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