Wait, is it Pat’s turn or Pattern?  Lets go with Patterns!  Oh the patterns… zigs, zags, and swirls.  Dazzling stamped, embroidered, and printed fabrics all with exquisite patterns.  If nature is your thing, look out your window…  see anything interesting from a pattern perspective?  I’m looking at a bounty of colorful leaves scattered across my walkway.  Feel free to duplicate that little slice of heaven in interesting ways creating your own unique pattern.

We have patterns that represent different periods in history.  The climate, style, and social standing of moment’s past.   My bedroom show cases an old quilt passed down to me.  The squares of fabric have random designs in beige and orange.  And although the quilt is quite tattered, I cherish the piece.

We often see those beautiful patterns in the background of breathtaking works of art too.  Patterns can give that added touch that makes something pop.   I say we bring those patterns to the forefront!  Or how about pattern upon pattern upon pattern… multi layered patterns!  Come on monkeys, lets run wild with patterns!


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