We as artists conceive something almost daily.  Our imaginations are constantly stimulated and our ideas often run a muck.  Many of our conceptions bear no fruit, but when the planets align we can make magic happen.  If you can envision it, it can be conceived!

I know we have lots of monkey parents, or should I say parents of monkeys?  To conceive is also to become pregnant.  New life and all those images that surround the miracle of birth.

I’ve heard through the ape-vine we have a little monkey block going on… This is totally natural.  Sometimes it helps to look back through your own and peers galleries.  What is your favorite genre or style?  Take a field trip through someone else’s conceptions. Then begin again.  Start slow.  And as our fellow monkey, David Burles mentioned, it may help to begin with something familiar, something you may have even drawn already.  Most importantly, breath, your stylus or your tool of choice and brain will work it out…  Conceive could be the perfect word to smash that creative block to bits!

What will your conception entail?  It’s your baby, no limits, CONCEIVE!


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