A parallel or alternate universe is a world that exists in a different dimension of space and time.  This hypothetical realm is unique in comparison to the universe we as humans share currently.    Most of the time this depiction varies slightly from the real world.

Alternate Universes have existed for centuries through myth, legend, and religion.  Philosophers philosophised about these parallel realities.  Plato believed there was an upper and lower reality, known as Platonism.

Magic happens when fantasy meets science fiction in an alternate universe.  If you can imagine it, it can exist.  There is no correlation between time and space, making space travel between realms a real treat.

Escape into your alternate universe for Wednesday, October 15th! Note:  Search  parties will be dispatched for any monkeys caught between realms after posting.




  1. Excellent write-up for the alternate-universe. I am quite certain that I was once a man (perhaps even super hero) in another dimension. If I wasn’t then I’m certainly coming back as one 😉

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