Pet, a loyal companion.   Mine are dogs, a Great Pyrenees and a Golden Mix to be exact.  I am greeted with tail wags, happy cries, and lip curls.  Charlie, my Pyr, is only 3 and at 110 pounds is the biggest baby you’ll meet.  Jane, is 8 and is ball crazy!  She carries her ball everywhere and befriends anyone that will give it a toss.  I do not really consider my pets, pets, they are truly members of our family and I’ve attached a couple photos.  Of course, there are loads of different pets, some less conventional, but still a pet.   I had a rat that used to tap its front paws on the cage following my movement until I was able to greet him.



Others are obsessed with exotic pets, so much so that in the United States there are laws that prevent the ownership of them.   “It’s believed that more exotic animals live in American homes than are cared for in American zoos” according to National Geographic.  And for those monkeys that may be allergic to pet dander or have a propensity for travel we have virtual pets.  Don’t forget to feed and water, its required for their survival too…

You also may have heard the phrase heavy petting.  This does not actually refer to petting your pet extra hard.  Heavy petting is steamy foreplay and hopefully does not involve your pet…

So, my pets, what comes to mind for you for this lovely word pet?  Is your pet a fond memory, your best friend, or only in your dreams?  Pet, Sunday, October 12th!


4 thoughts on “PET

  1. Beautiful babies… I mean doggies Tracy! I’ve always wanted a pet monkey 😀 My cousin used to keep snakes and when one escaped he told me the dog ate it! I’m wondering now if that’s true but put it down to nature.

  2. Your Great Pyrenees caught my eye as I scanned through my reader. Coincidentally, I saw our neighbor’s dog today which looks very much like a Great Pyrenees. It was standing in its sheep pasture barking at me in my yard, lol. Such a deep bark and large animal! It’s a great beauty, though.

    Gorgeous fur-friends you have there. My fur-friends are cats, and they provide so much entertainment that I would be lost without them.

    1. Thank you! He was 2 years old in that picture, he’s 3 now. They really are gentle giants in the home and watchful guardians in the pasture. Love the antics and company of those kitties too!

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