DOGGEDDogged is one of those terms I am sure we’ve all heard before. We’ve used it in sentences  and the most common meaning is stubborn determination. There are other adjective meanings to the word but, stern determination is the most common.
Why is that so?
Why is the name ‘dog’ linked to this expression. Why not catted?

The term ‘dogged’
is said to have come from the Middle English at around 1275-1325, meaning; having characteristics of a dog.
Now, depending on the context in which the word is used, the word dogged could be
interpreted both positively and negatively. The context in which the word is used is critical.

So why not Catted? I think I have the answer. To put it into perspective, lets have a good look at the animal kingdom.

Lets just have a look at the African hunting dog  Vs the Lion;

African hunting dog – Size 18 – 35 kg

Lion – Size – 250 kg

Dog = Highly successful hunters – nearly 80% of all wild dog hunts end in a kill

Lion = Not so successful – only 30% of all Lion hunts end in kills.

Here’s some interesting facts and then my shameful analysis;

* Cats are capable of about one hundred distinct vocalizations; dogs are capable of about ten…This means a dog doesn’t get distracted chewing the fat like a cat would. A dog doesn’t have the vocal side to hold a conversation thus it has the ability to focus on a situation and not be distracted trying to make noises for attention like a cat 🙂

* Hunting is not an instinctive cat behaviour. If a kitten doesn’t learn to hunt from its mother or other cats, it’s unlikely that it ever will… This basically means cats are lazy. Dog’s will work hard to get a meal. They don’t need tuition as their instinct to hunt is hereditary.

* Domestic cats sleep an average of sixteen hours per day. In the wild, big cats that expend lots of energy hunting sleep even longer. Only sloths spend more of their lives asleep… In other words; cats are lazy. Why catted does not work here; You could say “I worked like a cat last night”, a rational individual would interpret that as you had slept for 75% of your shift.

So with these facts considered, it is understandable why we decided to use ‘dogged’ to
describe stubborn determination as opposed to ‘catted’, which does have an interesting meaning in the urban dictionary.

With my biased review, you can see that I am a dog lover. ‘Dogged’ is an interesting
expression and I enjoyed researching its history.

I’m sure artists will do their ‘dogged’ best for this one.

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