The gravity of the situation can not be expressed in mere words.  Monkey Sidebars is a way of life.  Like a pressure valve, this twice weekly drawing game alleviates stressors by releasing your creative energy and making the world a better place.  Pretty heavy huh?  Well, that my chimp mates is gravity…

Of course, gravity is also the force that pulls you towards the earth’s center or a celestial body.   There is a Law of Gravity and a Theory of Gravity, both scientifically look at the force of attraction that anything with mass has for each other.

Trampoline by Shel Silverstein

Bouncin’ upon the trampoline    So high above the ground, Just as I was goin’ up    I saw her—-comin’ down.

She had a daisy in her hair,    She wore a silken gown, But when she started goin’ up,    I was comin’ down.

I tried to say, “Hello—-nice day.”  She smiled and spun around.  “Come up awhile with me,” yelled she, But I was goin’ down.

And so, as yet, we’ve never met   Because we’ve sadly found    That one is always goin’ up    While one is comin’ down.

Do you feel the pull to learn more about gravity?  Ideas are endless, but what are you drawn too?  Celestial bodies, heavy situations, anything with mass, or maybe a gravitational demonstration… any cliff divers out there?  Gravity, next Wednesday the 24th!


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