Strawberries… fresh, ripe, bursting with color, and the aroma of summer. Drizzle them with syrup, dip them in chocolate, dollop them with whipped cream.   A smoothie must, a salad topper, the best edible plate garnish, and might I add the perfect stain for puckered lips.   We buy them in buckets or flats and can eat our weight in a berry patch.

Strawberry by Paul Lyndon

You’re all ass and nipple
And seeded in every dimple
You’re upholstered for pleasure
Like a chesterfield. I’ll leisure-
ly lounge and sup upon your juice
then put your pulp to excellent use.
Winters come and Summers go
But this is the season when all things grow.
So, let’s to the orchard and shake the bush
the farmer sleeps, walk this way , shush.

These delicious little berries of straw… strawberries, are also quite nutritious and are an exceptional source of antioxidants.  Research also suggests these berries have anti-inflammatory properties if eaten at least 3 times per week.  These facts may be hard to demonstrate creatively but we think it may help to consume strawberries while drawing your next Monkey masterpiece.

Here’s to strawberry kisses and creativity for Strawberry, Wednesday, September 17th!



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