MSB 100th Round Celebration – Results

imageMonkey-Tail winner – Debbie G

image(2) Caseen Prize Pack – Pia L

image(1)Caseen Prize Pack- Jacqui L

ArtRage Winners are:

Mary K

Stephanie H

Ting-Ting G

Debbie B

Annika S

Brian F

Lawrence H

Christina C

Shelly M

Linda B

We give below everyone’s contributions to ART:

Collage_12 Collage_65 Collage_55 Collage_04 Collage_25 Collage_48 Collage_42 Collage_15 Collage_41 Collage_52 Collage_19 Collage_66 Collage_34 Collage_60 Collage_14 Collage_38 Collage_67 Collage_54 Collage_29 Collage_43 Collage_01 Collage_16 Collage_32 Collage_61 Collage_49 Collage_70 Collage_68 Collage_22 Collage_28 Collage_57 Collage_44 Collage_69 Collage_07 Collage_56 Collage_13 Collage_31 Collage_36 Collage_09 Collage_51 Collage_20 Collage_64 Collage_21 Collage_11 Collage_53 Collage_50 Collage_10 Collage_06 Collage_17 Collage_39 Collage_37 Collage_23 Collage_46 Collage_27 Collage_18 Collage_02 Collage_35 Collage_63 Collage_71 Collage_62 Collage_47 Collage_05 Collage_33 Collage_24 Collage_40 Collage_30 Collage_08 Collage_59 Collage_45 Collage_26 Collage_03 Collage_58

Not forgetting Memo’s video contribution:
Wow, what an awesome turn out for the competition.
Such a wonderful, diverse contribution from a wide range of artists.
What more could be expected with a theme like ‘Art’.
Just what is art exactly? Usually I’d go into huge explanation but I would not dare with such a word. If you create, you are an artist. This is exactly what was shown with every competitors entry for this competition. It’s always an honour to witness these creations first hand and to all the artists, I thank you for participating.
We would love to thank all the monkey participants for their efforts. Like with any competition, we can’t all be winners. Having said that, all admin and behind the scenes monkeys participated in the comp merely for
moral support and the fun of it. Without the members,
this would not be able to happen.
We know it’s quite impossible for anyone to judge “art” as a general term.  So we asked the judges to choose the pieces – of any and all levels of talent – that they felt most exemplify:
-Evocation of emotion and/or influence
-Ingenuity of idea and design

Here’s what the judges had to say:

“We really enjoyed judging all the pieces but found it very difficult to choose.  All entries truly contained amazing ingenuity and creativity – from beautiful displays of fantasy and emotion, to dynamic, captivating blends of serene colors, to some that appeared to be actual oil painting portraits.  All the artists displayed so much creativity.
They have such a unique skill…
  Very impressive!”

They had such a difficult time selecting the winners and wanted to give special mention to these pieces as well.  
Clockwise from top left:

honorable mentions

 We would love to thank all of our sponsors for their support and contributions. With out it, this would not have been the success it is today.
A big thank you to the people behind the scenes who take time and effort out of their day to make the competition a success. To all MonkeySideBars administration, I’d like to thank you for your efforts making this happen.
The judging is totally impartial and unbiased.
Thank you judges for your efforts, it is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your time and assistance. We know this must have been a difficult
decision based on the high caliber of entries.
The winners; well, it would have been an incredibly difficult task for the judges but what about the entries? They were magnificent. Such an amount of effort and reflection of artistic style and skills. It’s always an honour to
witness these creations first hand and to all the competitors,
I thank you for trying out and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
We are extremely grateful to Mary Hendrickson and Amy Bekier who graciously agreed to judge this competition for us.  Thank you judges, for your impartial and heartfelt efforts, it is greatly appreciated.  We thank you for your time and assistance. We know this must have been a difficult decision based on the high caliber of entries.  They were magnificent. Such a large amount of effort and reflection of artistic style and skills.
Huge appreciation goes to our three sponsor friends:-

For giving away an amazing Monkey Kit.
An innovative flexible tablet stand that defies gravity:
includes monkey tail and vacuum dock:

A Prize Pack (one in black – one in red) – pack includes: metallic plush neoprene sleeve for tablet, metallic anti-shock bubble neoprene sleeve for laptop, Vibe EX-L mesh tip stylus, 32-pack of lint-free anti-static screen cleaning wipes

1 winner: ArtRage 4 (Mac & Windows – Desktop only)
4 winners: ArtRage for iPad:
5 winners: ArtRage for iPhone:
An intuitive and easy-to-use digital art platform

Thank you, once again to each and every one of you monkeys who
participated in our celebration and contest for round 100 and 101.
Your dedicated on-going support for the game and community at
Monkey Side Bars means a lot to us.

 Monkey on 😀


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