Any favorite parks come to mind?  Playground equipment, sand pits, swings to touch the sky, and maybe a place to launch a kite.
However, parks can represent so much more than a place to take young
children.  Many are connected to a labyrinth of greenway trails,
scenic bluffs, or waterways.
Some are the only slice of mother nature in the concrete jungle we call home.
I used to steal away for lunch a couple times a week when I lived in Anchorage, Alaska, just to sit in quiet awe at the local parks.  One looked out across the grey inlet at a mountain called ‘Sleeping Lady’,
she always rested with a soft blanket of snow.
Lets not forget the exhilaration of a theme and water park.  The seasoned goer eats light and rarely has to use the trash cans at the exit.  Raise your arms and scream on the drops! These parks will take your breath away but for completely different reasons.
There is also a plethora of things you can park, but the most important is yourself.  So park yourself in your favorite spot, secure your reference and imagination, prop your drawing arm comfortably, and create something
fabulous to share with all your monkey friends and the art world at large!

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